Home networks – From a small network in your home to a high-end structured wiring solution and smart-home technology, we can handle your home networking needs.

Small office networks – Small offices often have unique networking needs that aren’t met.  We have expertise in meeting the needs of a small office while maintaining a budget.

Large enterprise networks – Large networks with multiple servers present their own challenges and specialized requirements.  Our experience with these networks allows us to design, implement and support enterprise networks.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) – In today’s business world, connecting people and networks securely is vital.  Our knowledge of secure virtual private networks allows us to implement these in the most secure means available while maintaining your network’s integrity and your budget’s sanity.

Multi-site networks – Large enterprises often have multiple sites to connect.  We have the ability to design and implement connectivity methods to overcome these challenges.

Wireless networks – Wireless networks are widespread, but can present unique opportunities for unwanted access.  We can design and install a secure wireless network for your home or office.

Network design services – We can design (or redesign) a network for your home or business to maximize your investment in technology and connect all of the devices and resources you need to connect.

Remote access – In today’s highly mobile world, remote access to your network resources can be a critical need.  Securely offering these resources is vital and we can solve this problem for you.

Remote network management and support – We offer remote management and administration for your network.  We can supplement your existing technology staff or become your “virtual” technology department.

Network cabling and installation services – We can install all cabling your network may require.  We also can install and configure the infrastructure equipment that you desire for your network.

Custom-built servers with a 3-year on-site warranty – Using only the best components from Intel and other top manufacturers, we can build a server for your environment that offers you exceptional value and incredible performance.  Our servers come with a warranty that you won’t find in a typical custom-built server, up to three years on-site!

Servers from Dell, Gateway, HP/Compaq – We also offer servers from the top manufacturers in the server business and can configure and build them to your order.

Cisco, 3Com, Intel, HP, Linksys, D-Link, SMC – We offer equipment from the finest names in networking.  We service and support what we sell, from home-use Linksys products to high-demand Cisco products.

Network security, virus protection, threat defense and analysis – Today’s networks face a never-ending barrage of attacks from viruses, spyware, adware, malware and unauthorized entrance.  We will evaluate your network and its exposure to these threats, recommend and install an appropriate solution to protect your vital investment and data and continue to monitor for new threats while keeping your protection up-to-date.

Linux server operating systems – We can provide Linux servers running Redhat and other versions of Linux to provide a variety of server functions, including e-mail, firewall, web hosting and more.

Novell network operating systems – We offer Novell network support and installation for all versions from 2.15 to current versions.

Novell network application servers – We offer Novell application servers such as Groupwise.

Microsoft network servers (Windows NT, 2000, 2003, 2008) – We service and support the full Microsoft suite of server products from Windows NT to 2008 including the small-business versions.

Microsoft network application servers (Exchange, SQL, ISA, BizTalk, SharePoint, Commerce, Systems Management) – We service and support the full Microsoft application server product line including Exchange, SQL and more.

Citrix servers – We offer Citrix servers for remote access and application performance.

“Network in a box” – entire custom-designed networks pre-installed, tested and shipped ready to use









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