What is a “Network in a box”?


A “Network in a box” is just what it sounds like – a complete network shipped to your door ready to plug in and use.  While this may not fit in a single box, the concept is what counts.  When you discuss your network needs with us, we develop a plan for your overall network.  With this plan, the hardware and network infrastructure is ordered to meet the needs as discussed, and all configuration and testing of that hardware begins.  We will discuss the software environment you need, both on the server and workstations.  These will be configured and tested to work together.  The final piece of the equation is the actual “network” – in this phase, we discuss your users, printers, e-mail, applications, security, etc. and implement all of this on the network as it is built and configured in our office.  Once the entire network has been tested and configured, it is all boxed and shipped to your door.  You will only need to open the boxes and plug everything in to have your network up and running.


This eliminates countless hours of on-site configuration and testing and provides a ready-to-run network with no hassles.


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